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About Us

Choice Care Group provides care and support for people with a learning and/or physical disability or other specialist needs within small community homes. We have the experience and understanding to meet the needs of people with a wide range of disabilities.

Our range of community-based services provides high quality personalised care and support to help people to lead ordinary lives.

We provide high quality, good value services, responsive to the needs and aspirations of individuals.

Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide high quality services, responsive to the needs and aspirations of individuals. The key principles of Valuing People – rights, independence, choice and social inclusion – are an integral part of our service delivery.”

Samuel StoreyOwner#

Aims & Objectives


Our aim is to ensure the happiness, enrichment and quality of life for every single one of our service users. We provide accommodation and support and enable each service user to live as a valued member of the community and live an ordinary life. To enable us to do this, we aim to: –

  • Provide only quality services
  • Use only experienced, well-trained and motivated staff
  • Always ensure an attractive and welcoming home environment
  • Enable individuals to participate as fully as possibly in all aspects of their community and home environment
  • To encourage individuals to make informed choices
  • Using support and encouragement to allow service users to participate in their chosen lifestyle however ensuring all risks are minimised.
  • To offer support services that promote an awareness of human and civil rights.


To work with individuals to:-

  • Explore and assess each individual’s potential and maintain and develop their ability in conjunction with other professional workers so they are supported in making and communicating independent decisions and choices to the maximum of their abilities so they can access a range of community resources and establish a community presence.
  • Ensuring each individual is accorded respect for their privacy, dignity and property.
  • Ensure their cultural and religious preferences will be respected.

Criteria for Admission

Any enquiries for a place at Hylton House should be made to the Registered Manager. At the point of referral Choice Care would expect that an individual is making an informed choice to access the service as part of their Person-Centred Plan.

Applicants for Hylton House will normally be adults aged 16 plus, who have physical and/or learning disabilities as well as additional complex needs.  We are set up to accommodate for respite, when there is a room vacancy that allows us to.  The service at Hylton House is not registered to provide nursing care and does not routinely accept referrals for emergency admission.  Applicants for a place at Hylton House will have opportunities for visits to and from the home as part of the referral, assessment and transition process. During the assessment period for these people the applicant’s previous placement should be retained. A Review will take place at the end of the assessment period to determine whether an appropriate service can be offered and confirm if/how the placement will continue. This decision will fully involve the person, their relatives/carers and an advocate if appropriate.

Support Planning and Review

Each person is encouraged to maximise their potential whilst receiving services at Hylton House. The service allows for those with learning disabilities and additional complex needs. Where possible individuals will be encouraged and supported to be as independent as is possible. Individually tailored systems of communication are used to maximise the involvement of each person who uses the service.  Person-centred approaches are adopted and individuals will be continually and actively encouraged to participate in the planning of their service and in providing regular feedback as to its appropriateness.

Support Plans

Individual Support Plans will be tailored to meet the differing needs of each person, based on initial and ongoing  assessments and seek to promote holistic skills development, greater autonomy, self-advocacy and quality of life in general. Support Programmes will be established to prioritise actions arising from the Support Plan and enhance their implementation, and are updated when required.


Each person living at Hylton House will be allocated a keyworker who will be primarily responsible for the co-ordination of the Support Plan/Programme with the individual.  The keyworker will be responsible for:

  • Co-ordinating with the individual and all involved, the person’s support and social needs.
  • Preparing information with the person for his/her service review.
  • Facilitating regular Keyworker Sessions and supporting the person using the service in preparing their own agenda for these meetings.

These sessions will concentrate on appraising the service to date, planning for the future, and addressing any concerns with the person or home life in general.  Where individuals do not communicate through speech, efforts will be made during these sessions to explore ways of gathering and observing the person’s views about the service.

Efforts are made to ensure that individuals’ personal preferences are considered regarding the allocation of keyworker and unless specifically requested by the person using the service, changes in keyworker will normally only occur when a staff member leaves, thereby sustaining a meaningful, therapeutic and professional relationship with the individual.

Complaints, Concerns and Compliments

Choice Care would like to know what people who use the service/relatives/carers think about the provision offered at Hylton House. We welcome individuals’ comments and compliments as it helps to know when the service is getting things right. However, we also want to hear when things go wrong as this helps too.  A Complaints and Concerns Procedure is in place for individuals or their representatives to address any complaints/concerns they may have. Details of the Complaints Procedure are provided to all new people using the service, relatives/carers at the time they start their placement.

Monitoring Quality

Choice Care is committed to developing quality assurance mechanisms consistent with the requirements of the Care Standards Act 2000.  Monitoring the quality and performance of the service is currently undertaken through a variety of means.

Protection of Vulnerable Adults

Choice Care is committed to the protection of vulnerable adults and in operating its services adheres to a written Abuse Prevention Policy which links to the Local Authority’s Policy & Procedure for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults. Choice Care supports all staff with training in identifying, responding to and reporting allegations of abuse.  Choice Care complies with all relevant legislation in relation to the protection of vulnerable adults including use of the Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure Service and the POVA Scheme.

Brochure and Handbook for People who use the service

A brochure is available to anyone enquiring about the service, outlining the provision offered by Choice Care. A Service User Guide is available to all individuals who do or are preparing to use the service.

Feedback and Outcomes

In my opinion the house is a wonderful environment for the clients to live in. The staff are warm and caring and talk to the clients with respect and affection. They provide a bright, clean, beautifully decorated home with good equipment. They act on the patient’s behalf appropriately but include and involve them in discussions. The team works well together. From my perspective, they know the clients well, are up to date with information, keep good records and are able to give me any information requested without delay or difficulty. I would recommend this home to anyone, as I feel it is the best home I’ve seen.

Sandra Swinfield - Nurse Practitioner19/06/2018

Hylton House continues to provide a loving home for its residents, with the positive ethos of the home running through the whole staff team. My only extra wish for Hylton House, which you will know for yourselves, is that it would be great to have some male supporting staff, to make it a more balanced environment, particularly for the male residents.

Jane Jackson - Dramatherapist20/06/2018

I work for a company that carry out regular maintenance of equipment at Hylton House, so I am not on site very regularly, but when I am it is always nice to be there. It is always clean and tidy, and the staff are always friendly and also kind to the residents.

The management have become more than just customers now, I see them as friends and it is always nice to see them and have a chat.

Neil Yests - Service Engineer27/06/2018

All things in life can be improved, but as a family, we can see from the visits to Hylton House, that your staff and all that goes with that would be hard to match. All your dedication and attention to detail we would find it hard to fault anything and remember the home is still growing so well done Hylton House and a big thankyou for all you do for Vincent & Family.

Dennis May - Relative of resident 25/06/2018

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